Welcome to our Remote & Hybrid Learning Resource for Mill Falls Families. Since beginning our Remote Learning Period as a result of the COVID-19 Emergency in March 2020, we have shared many documents and tips aimed at assisting our families in the transition from in-school learning to remote learning. The page is broken up into three areas:

  • How do I…? Links to the tech support information that has been shared with our families, these include documents as well as videos.
  • Who to ask? A section outlining who to access for help with your various Remote Learning Needs.
  • Montessori Support: Laura Wrubleski, our Educational Program Director, has been writing to parents to support them in their efforts during this Remote Learning Period. Those communications are also included on this page.

The unknown energy that can help humanity is that which lies hidden in the child.
~ Dr. Maria Montessori

Technology: Getting Started…

Turning on your machine. There are two types of Chromebooks – touch screens and traditional models.

Logging In to Your Browser:
What is That & Why Does it Matter?

Logging in to Google Chrome for those using MFCS Chromebooks. When students open their MFCS Chromebook, they will log in with their MFCS email login information provided by the school.

Logging in to Google Chrome for NON-MFCS Chromebook Users. We ask that those families using non-MFCS computers download Chrome so that their children can take advantage of the many tools and shortcuts that we have set up for student-use in Chrome.

Help with Printing from your Chromebook When Students are Logged In to Their Mill Falls Accounts

Printing at home from your Chromebook. For help with printing, please contact techsupport@millfalls.org.

Other Chromebook Tips:

* * *

Kinders & Lower Elementary: Using SEE SAW

Our Kinder and Lower Elementary Classrooms will be using a new learning platform this year – See Saw. To familiarize yourself with this new learning tool, we ask families and students to explore the video resource below.

Upper Elementary: Using GOOGLE CLASSROOM

Our Upper Elementary Classrooms will be using Google Classroom for all assignments and academic communications. Returning students are likely familiar with this platform; our friends who are new to Upper Elementary may be new to Google Classroom. Below are some resources for our Upper Elementary Students and Families.

Tips for Using ZOOM

All Classrooms and support staff will be using Zoom for interactive meetings and lesson delivery (both live and recorded). Teachers will discuss Zoom meeting etiquette and tools with their students. The link below serve as additional resources.

Laura’s Corner: Supporting Our Families & Students with a Montessori Mindset:

These messages have been written with our Parents/Guardians in mind during this Remote & Hybrid Learning Period.

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Academic Questions: Contact Your Child’s Teacher 

  • These are questions related to the work that your children are being asked to do by their teachers.
  • Academic questions should be directed to your child’s teachers by email.
  • Email should be sent to classroom teachers for classroom work and to specialists for Art, Music, Technology and Fitness.
  • If your child has academic questions related to work they are doing with Ms. Mindy, Ms. Sherry, Ms. Colleen, Ms. Sue or Ms. Kathleen, please direct questions to them directly.

General Questions / Communications which are NOT Academic:

  • These are school-based questions that you might normally ask Jen at the Front Desk including scheduling or other systems-related questions.
  • Send these questions to Jen: office@millfalls.org or call 603-232-5176.

Family Tech Support: Ms. Jody is available to help families.

  • Family Tech Support Help Desk Hours: Monday/Tuesday & Thursday/Friday 10am-12noon.
  • How will this work? Ms. Jody will be at the ready to help us, help you. She will address your questions as they come in, and if she doesn’t have the answer, she will reach out to others on our staff to help you!
  • Help Desk Zoom Meeting Code and PW: This will be shared with our families directly. Jody will use the waiting room, and guests will be admitted one at a time so she can address questions.
  • Email: techsupport@millfalls.org (including if you need help logging into a Zoom meeting with Jody!)

Big Picture Academic/Philosophy/Montessori Questions:

  • These questions should be directed to Laura Wrubleski our Educational Program Director.
  • Laura can be reached by email at: laura.wrubleski@millfalls.org.