Welcome to our Remote Learning Resource for Mill Falls Families. Since beginning our Remote Learning Period as a result of the COVID-19 Emergency in March, we have shared many documents and tips aimed at assisting our families in the transition from in-school learning to remote learning. The page is broken up into three areas:

  • How do I…? Links to the tech support information that has been shared with our families, these include documents as well as videos.
  • Who to ask? A section outlining who to access for help with your various Remote Learning Needs.
  • Montessori Support: Laura Wrubleski, our Educational Program Director, has been writing to parents to support them in their efforts during this Remote Learning Period. Those communications are also included on this page.

The unknown energy that can help humanity is that which lies hidden in the child.
~ Dr. Maria Montessori

Tips for Using & Navigating Google Classroom

At Mill Falls, we are using Google Classroom as the information delivery system to organize all of your child’s assignments and communication from their teachers. Each morning, our teachers also send a morning email to parents/guardians to help them get oriented to their child’s day. Below are some important links and information regarding Google Classroom:

Logging In to Your Browser:
What is That & Why Does it Matter?

In order to have success in Google Classroom and make sure your child can open and access the links and lessons shared by their teachers, please be sure your child is logged in to the browser. Here’s how:

  • Video Instructions for logging in to your Chrome browser.
  • Slide Show Instructions for logging in to your Chrome browser (including how to add an identity to your browser so you and your child can be ‘logged in’)

Setting up to Print from your Chromebook When Students are Logged In to Their Mill Falls Accounts

Some families have had trouble printing from their Chromebooks when their child is logged in under their Mill Falls log in. Please click here to learn more about how to manage this.

Tips for Using & Navigating Zoom

We are using Zoom for most live interactions – class meetings, social hours, and student-teacher conferencing. Here are some resources related to live meetings.

Meeting Expectations & Norms: How students should set up for the meetings and conduct themselves.

Joining a Zoom Meeting: A how-to.

Zoom For Kids: Helping kids learn about Zoom.

Tips for Using Zoom: A general guide.

Zoom Cheat Sheet: A general cheat sheet for all.

Tips for Mill Falls Students Sending Email Teachers & Staff

To facilitate communication during this Remote Learning Period, we recently made it possible for students to email their teachers and Mill Falls staff members. Here are some tips:

Written Instructions: https://drive.google.com/a/millfalls.org/file/d/1XDUUhld49_BWrM3J9X4tOj8UxZ-NS7xP/view?usp=sharing

Video instructions: https://drive.google.com/a/millfalls.org/file/d/1N2JVO_KHtrMypm-GDJMotsW1C9Hcs31Y/view?usp=sharing

Didn’t find what you are looking for?
Help Us Help You! Here’s How

Academic Questions: 

  • These are questions related to the work that your children are being asked to do by their teachers.
  • Academic questions should be directed to your child’s teachers by email.
  • Email should be sent to classroom teachers for classroom work and to specialists for Art, Music, Library/Technology and Fitness.
  • If your child has academic questions related to work they are doing with Ms. Mindy, Ms. Sherry, Ms. Colleen, Ms. Sue or Ms. Kathleen, please direct questions to them directly.
  • Your child can now email his/her students directly! Please encourage your child to write an email to his/her teacher(s) with questions & ideas. This adds a tool for them to use in their  independent learning, and seeks to echo (as best is possible) a way for them to seek guidance from their teachers when we are learning in person.  

General Questions / Communications which are NOT Academic:

  • These are school-based questions that you might normally ask Jen at the Front Desk including scheduling or other systems-related questions.
  • Send these questions to: office@millfalls.org

Front Office Help Desk: Jen Avery, aka Front Desk Jen, is available to families both by email, and by Zoom.

  • Front Office Help Desk Hours: Mon-Thurs from 11am-12noon and 1pm-2pm & Fri 11am-12noon. 
  • How will this work? Jen will be at the ready to help us, help you. She will address your questions as they come in, and if she doesn’t have the answer, she will reach out to others on our staff to help you!
  • Help Desk Zoom Meeting Code and PW: This will be shared with our families directly. Jen will use the waiting room, and guests will be admitted one at a time so she can address questions.
  • Email: office@millfalls.org (including if you need help logging into a Zoom meeting with Jen!)

Google Classroom Support

  • Ms. Devon, will be available to directly assist you with Google Classroom related challenges and questions
  • Devon can be reached at devon.venne@millfalls.org.
  • Please be sure to explain your question carefully and clearly, and please also include a phone number where she can reach you if that is needed. 

Big Picture Academic/Philosophy/Montessori Questions:

  • These questions should be directed to Laura Wrubleski our Educational Program Director.
  • Laura can be reached by email at: laura.wrubleski@millfalls.org.

**NEW** Laura’s Corner: A new section of our weekly newsletter written with our Parents/Guardians in mind during this Remote Learning Period.