What Every Student Needs

As part of the Mill Falls Classroom Welcome Packets which are sent out at the end of July, teachers send their students a letter with details about what they would like their students to bring to school on the first day.

Here is some additional information for parents and students to consider in preparation for the start of school:

Backpack: Every child needs a backpack to carry snacks, lunch, water bottle, and school communications to and from school. Backpacks should be able to be easily worn on the child’s back; suitcase style backpacks with wheels are not permitted as they do not fit in our cubbies.

Lunch Box: Mill Falls students eat lunch with their classmates and teachers in their classrooms; there is not a cafeteria at the school location. When sending in lunch, be sure to include all needed utensils and napkins.

Water Bottle: Each student is expected to bring a reusable water bottle with them to school daily.

Snacks: Students are expected to bring a nutritious snack to school each day. Please remember children need healthy meals and snacks to learn!

Indoor Slippers or Shoes: Students are required to bring in a pair of shoes or slippers with soles, that they wear only in the classrooms. The simpler design the better (i.e. no flashing lights, Disney or superhero characters, etc). These slippers are left at school and used daily. Classrooms have space for storing outside shoes during the school day.

Dress Code Basics: Students are expected to come to school in comfortable clothing that is respectful and appropriate for learning. Keep in mind that Montessori students often work on mats that are on the floor. Please also note, our students are indoors and outdoors on most days, and so we ask that you please send them to school with weather appropriate clothing and shoes (no flip flops, please).

When selecting clothes, bags and other things your child will use at school, we respectfully ask that you honor the principles of Montessori by choosing simple, comfortable items which are free of commercialism or distracting media messages or slogans (including Disney or other characters, superheroes, movies, television shows, video games, etc. whenever possible).

Please label all of your child’s personal items. Thank you!

The Family Handbook provides more detailed information on a wide variety of topics, such as the bus code of conduct, the special way that Montessori education honors a child’s birthday, and much more!