Our Mission:

Mill Falls Charter School creates life-long learners by providing an intellectually rich and challenging experience delivered through the Montessori tradition. In a safe and peaceful setting, dedicated educators foster students’ individuality, creativity and critical-thinking skills to fully prepare them for future scholastic, civic and personal success.

Our Vision:

High Academic Achievement & Standards • Individualized Learning • Fostering of Creativity & Curiosity • Successful Montessori Programming • Nurturing Social & Emotional Growth • Mixed-age Classrooms • Respect & Celebration of Diversity • Development of 21st Century Learners • Service-Learning Opportunities • Integral Parent/Guardian Engagement • A Strong School Community Led by Qualified & Nurturing Educators

Our Commitment:

Mill Falls Charter School offers an inclusive and diverse community. Students will find joy in their educational journey, comfort in developing at their own pace, and pride in reaching their fullest potential in a public school setting. Strong relationships with New Hampshire leaders, businesses and families will create an economically sustainable charter school firmly rooted in the community.