Mill Falls News, 6/13/19

Another GREAT Year…

We sure packed an awful lot into these last days of school! On Monday, our 3rd Year Students celebrated their completion of our Lower Elementary Program with a trip to the beach. 

On Tuesday, Our 6th Year Students did their final Service Day stocking shelves at Families in Transition’s for their New Horizons Soup Kitchen, Food Pantry, & Shelter. Meanwhile… our Annual Kinder Celebration and Tea was in full swing. Ms. Kristin and Ms. Kayla put together a beautiful program where the children sing and perform an abbreviated version of the Very Hungry Caterpillar – a favorite every year!

On Wednesday our Girls on the Run Team got to work on their service program – offering car washes to our staff. They did an amazing job, and the coaches did too! Thanks to all of you! Once all the soap was off the cars, everyone headed outside for our Annual Students vs. Teacher Soccer Game. It was a nail biter… but in the end the students won, 6-5. Thanks so much to Lauren DePaul for her great job as ref. That was followed by an all-school picnic. Enjoy pictures from the game below.

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Mill Falls News, 6/7/19

Celebrating Our Community

It has been another week filled with wonderful opportunities to celebrate our students’ accomplishments and our school community.

Last Saturday, over 80 of us gathered together at our annual Night of Community – a celebration of friendship, art, music, food and fun. The event was hosted by Peter Ramsey and his team at the Palace Theatre’s Spotlight Room, food was provided by Ann Masterson at Hooked/Ignite Restaurants on Hanover Street, and our own John Chouinard and Kate Boisvert brought along song and their Ukeladies troupe all of whom sang and played their hearts out! The evening was sponsored by Applied Behavioral Mental Health Counseling. Event organizers, MFCS Parents, Rachel Marziano and Kim Robinson created a beautiful room full of flowers, and art made by our kiddos and professional artists all of which was auctioned off at the event. Those items, along with a silent auction items and our annual Fund-A-Need and all ticket sales brought in close to $8400 – critical funds for our public Montessori school. Please join us in sending a HUGE thank you to Rachel and Kim for their incredibly hard work and vision! If you see Ann at Hooked/Ignite, or Peter at the Palace, please also thank them for their supportl!

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Mill Falls News, 5/31/19

Field Day of Dreams!

What an AMAZING day we’ve just had, full of smiles (picture the duck race with floaties and flippers) and fun (think pouring water from one cup to another behind the back), physical feats (think carrying 15 pizza boxes in a running race), entertainment (by the Mad Scientist from N. Boston) and so much more! A team of hard-working volunteers began the day early to set up, then man/woman the stations, then break it all down…all fearlessly led by Laura W (known on Field Days as ‘Clip Board Lady). It was AWESOME!!! After a quick break, we settled in to the 7th Annual Field Day Picnic and shared desserts. So many thank you’s to everyone involved. A wonderful Mill Falls celebration!

The fun will continue tomorrow evening when yet another group of hard working MFCS Volunteers – led by Rachel Marziano and Kim Robinson – will create a GREAT celebration in the form of a party for the adult members of our extended school community – our 4th Annual Night of Community.

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Mill Fall News, 5/24/19

Full Speed Ahead!

It has been a pedal-to-the-metal kind of week here at school, featuring the Lower Elementary field trip to Squam Lake, culminating projects, Step Up Night, and assessments in preparation for our final trimester’s progress reports. There is also LOTS of preparation going behind the scenes as we prepare for the final events of the year from Field Day to our Night of Community to our 6th Year Student Graduation. And as we put the final touches on this newsletter, our Upper Elementary Dance Committee is decorating our common space for the final Upper Elementary Dance of the year! Thanks to all who donated items and time to make the event so memorable for our students!

* * *

We started today with a celebration of our incredible Mill Falls Volunteers. Each year our Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast is catered by staff as a small token of our heartfelt thanks for all that our volunteers do and share with our school community. We feel so very fortunate to have so many amazing people who share their time and talent with our staff and students. We were pleased to be able to thank those who could be with us in person, and to all of our volunteers we say, THANK YOU!!!

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Mill Falls News, 5/17/19

Our Community in Action!

As we’ve been saying…this week marks the start of a VERY busy end of the school year. The fun kicked off last Friday night with our 2nd Annual Mill Falls Variety Show. It was one of those special events that had our guests smiling from start to finish. Expertly organized by Ms. Christine and Ms. Devon with night-of help from Ms. Alyssa, the children showed great talent, grace and determination and they WOWed the crowd (our MC’s shown here; more photos below). Thank you to everyone who came to cheer on the dancers, singers, stand up comedian, movie maker, piano players and more! We are already looking forward to our 3rd annual Variety Show!

* * *

Earlier this week, the Mill Falls Charter School Foundation hosted its 7th Annual Education Leadership Breakfast in support of our school. The Foundation is singly-charged with helping the school to be financially viable now and in the future, supporting our long-term sustainability and success. 

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