Mill Falls News, 11/15/19

Hit the Trails!

We’ve had a wonderfully productive week here at school, including one of our best All-School Meetings yet! Ms. Lauren curated the meeting, which features a series of projects and presentations shared by students. Speaking in front of an audience is an important skill for each of us to learn. It can be daunting, but also incredibly rewarding. Our student-presenters this week were very brave as they stood in front of the entire school, sharing their writing, a project about leadership and information about this year’s student newspaper. And our audience members were so very respectful as their peers shared their voices. Well done all! 

* * *

Thanks to all who joined us last Saturday at our Annual Pancake Breakfast. It was a great way to kick off the long weekend! Delicious flap jacks and all the fixings were prepared by our event partners at the Sweeney Post in Manchester. Our gratitude goes out to MFCS event organizer, Amanda G, and the team of volunteers who worked together to make it a great success! 

There are still plenty of family fun events planned for this year. In fact… there’s another one on Sunday…this one is outside… 

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Mill Falls News, 11/8/19

Learning to Lead

“Each of us is what we continuously and consistently do.” These were the opening words from a brief talk given by Jay Bonstingl at this year’s Delta Dental Student Leadership Summit, which is organized by Mr. Bonstingl and was held this week in Concord. For the last three years, Mill Falls Students have had the opportunity to participate in the Summit, where they work together in a small group along side many other public school students from across the state, to develop their leadership skills and brainstorm projects aimed at positively impacting their schools.

Be Encouraging * Be a Good Friend * Be Inclusive * Let Everyone Have a Turn to Speak * Strong Team Work

This year, the Mill Falls Summit Team included a group of 4th and 5th year students. Ms. Shannon guided the Team during the two-day Summit, as they: discussed characteristics the Team believes are key to successful leadership (noted above); identified what the Team sees as strengths and areas for improvement at our school; and arrived at a meaningful project to develop and implement at school over the next several months. On the final day of the Summit, our students presented their initial plans for their project – The Kindness Globe. They hope their project will foster newfound opportunities for expressions and acts of kindness and care among all of our Mill Falls Community members. Stay tuned for more information about this developing project!

Our students were among the youngest at this year’s Summit, but their poise and emphasis on kindness is a solid reflection of the Montessori curricular elements of Peace as well as Grace, Courtesy and Respect which are woven into our every day life at school. Please join us in thanking the students for representing our school so beautifully; Ms. Shannonfor guiding them with care and encouragement; and Jay and Tom Raffioof Delta Dental for once again including our students in this outstanding program. 

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Mill Falls News, 11/1/19

Hold on to Your Hats! 

After that insane storm last night, we are so happy that the sky is once again blue and bright. Mother Nature is obviously in support of our creative and inquisitive spirit on this special day here at school. 

Today, the children spent much of their day sharing their Favorite Character, Favorite Author, Vertebrate/ Invertebrate stories and costumes with classmates. Then they headed out doors to share their work with so many of you. OK, so it’s windy as all get up, but the kids held on to their hats – as did our guests. Thank you to those who were able to join us at our Annual Fall Parades! So much creativity on the part of our students and staff was on display today. Smiles were spotted all day as we celebrated the love of literature and science in our community. Please enjoy the photos below. 

Hard to believe it is already November… and around here that means LOTS of activities. The next Family Fun event is our Pancake Breakfast NEXT Saturday, November 9. The pancakes and all the fixings will be served at the Sweeney Post in Manchester. Please see below for more info and don’t miss it! We do need volunteers to help make the event a true success. Please click here to find out how you can help! The food is great and it’s a wonderful way to kick off the weekend together. 

Last week we learned about a very special story. Two of our Lower Elementary Student, siblings Hudson and Quinn – were so positively affected by our All-School Service Day at the NH Food Bank that they organized a Hot Cocoa/Cider Stand a few weekends ago with a friend. After splitting the funds evenly among the children, Hudson and Quinn decided they wanted their portion to be donated to the Food Bank! The funds they shared provided approximately 116 meals. Thank you Hudson and Quinn for being so thoughtful and generous in support of our NH friends and neighbors who are food insecure!

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Mill Falls News, 10/25/19

a-Mazing, Creative & Open Minds! 

This week has been filled with all kinds of exciting opportunities to flex our minds. Last weekend, families gathered at the Beech Hill Farms to enjoy the day together as they navigated through the Corn Maze. Thanks to event organizer Jen Kulesza, and all the families that attended!

Sticking with the outdoor theme, this week’s Green Thumb Club created mandalas out of items collected from the natural world. Please enjoy the images of these beautiful creations below.

Our Wednesday, All-School Meetingwas led by our Upper Elementary Olympic classroom and they chose to focus on sharing what they are learning about in relation to Growth Mindset. During the meeting, Olympic students read a book about it, and then shared their personal goals. Our school community so appreciated how open and really brave they were to share such personal parts of themselves. The students showed their thanks by being an attentive audience with many moments of hearty applause!

And last night, MFCS parent Kim Robinson (with the children in the photo here), ran our 2nd MFCS Paint Night. As music played quietly in the background, painters and their partners (about 30 participants in total), created paintings each of which had personal touches and interpretations of the target painting, which Kim shared. The group enjoyed light snacks and a wondering and engaging creative process. Please join us in thanking Kim for donating her time and the needed supplies to this friend/fundraiser in support of our school, which at a charge of $25 per painting, was a great source of funds! We have scheduled a spring Paint Night as well, so if you missed it last night, there’s another chance in a few months. 

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Mill Falls News, 10/18/19

Short but busy week…

Hoping our families enjoyed the long weekend. The weather was amazing…certainly nicer than the rough weather that followed. Some in our MFCS Community lost power and trees and experienced flooding. Hoping things are beginning to return to normal for you. 

This week staff enjoyed a full-day collaboration at our 3rd Annual Convening of Northern New England Public Montessori Schools, on Tuesday. Our staff presented some best practices used here, and were exposed to other ideas from our colleagues at River Valley Charter School. Our own Maryclare Heffernan was the keynote speaker. The day provides a special and treasured time to think together about our Montessori practice and what makes this approach to learning unique, creative and engaging.

Spring Paint Night 2019: As we look to next week, please plan to join us at our Fall Paint Night here at school on Thursday, October 24th. Details and a registration form can be found below, so sharpen your paint brushes! If you can lend a hand, we are in need of tarps and snacks. Please let organizer, Kim Robinson know by email if you can help with that or give us a call here at school. Thank you!

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