Mill Falls News, 11/18/20

Love & Care

It’s so crazy to think that this week included both a first-ever ‘Google Delayed Opening’ AND one of the biggest snow storms we’ve seen in ages! Didn’t slow us down though! With all the focus, tenacity and strength we’ve gained in this challenging year, we went with the flow, and didn’t let it slow us down. 

There is nothing quite like the unexpected Snow Day – a beloved New England tradition and part of the childhood experience in our region. Our thanks to the many families who shared images from this VERY snowy, Snow Day. Please enjoy some of what was shared in this newsletter.

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Mill Falls News, 12/11/20

Love & Care

We began the week with many of our families still recovering from our first real winter storm. Many lost power, and/or their internet connection. We hope that everyone is now back up and running, safe and warm! The snowy weather inspired Ms. Melissa, our Art Teacher, to have the children create snow owls this week in art. Check out some examples below.

Speaking of safety, we have seen a VERY significant uptick in COVID cases across the state due to uncontrolled community spread. The state’s epidemiologist reported yesterday that there have been 2000 new cases diagnosed just in the last week. We hope that all in our Mill Falls Community continue to remain diligent, practicing good hand hygiene (wash your hands often), physical distancing (stay 6′ apart), socializing outside whenever possible, traveling only when you must, avoiding crowds, and wearing masks when you are in populated public places. While news of the vaccine dominated the airways this week, it will be some time before we will feel the impact of this new line of defense. Being careful helps us care for ourselves and one another. Together we will get through these very difficult times. 

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Mill Falls News, 12/4/20

Supporting in·duh·pen·dns

Hoping everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. This was a full week of academics, which this time of year always includes a wonderful exploration of the holidays celebrated by different cultures during this season. The study of these various ‘festivals of lights’ provides students with the opportunity to create crafts as they explore culture, family and world histories. Please enjoy some of the projects in our photo section down below.

Tea with Laura: It’s all about IndependenceThis morning, Laura and a small but mighty group of parents/guardians gathered to once again focus on the challenges and pragmatics of allowing our children to flourish in their academic independence while learning remotely. 

The purpose of the Teas with Laura, our Educational Program Director (most like a principal in other types of schools) is to provide opportunities for discussions about topics that are directly impacting our students and their families. In preparation for these talks, Laura has conversations with our teaching staff and with families which inform the content of the Tea.

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Mill Falls News, 11/24/20

So Much to be Thankful For!

I mean, this year… this time… this moment. It could not demand more of us, but dig a little deeper and there are so many actions – small and large – that touch us deeply and so very much to be thankful for. And what better time than Thanksgiving Week to take a beat and acknowledge the kindness and grace we experience daily here, and express our heartfelt gratitude. 
The week is short, but our list of things to be thankful for is lengthy!
Teaching and Learning at a distance and/or with limited in-person time has demanded so much of our Mill Falls Community. The rising presence of COVID in our town and state has caused us to recalculate not what we are thankful for, but how we get to express it. 

From our hardworking students and their wonderfully supportive families, to our creative, nurturing and talented teachers and staff, to our School & Foundation Boards, our hardworking volunteers, our funders and program partners….

We are so thankful for all that you do for us and each other, every single day! 

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Mill Falls News, 11/20/20

Working Together in Support of Our Kids

Last Friday afternoon, our First Trimester Progress Reports were sent home. If there is an overarching theme among the reports, it would have to be our students’ tenacity and hard work expressed with pride and appreciation by our staff despite all the obstacles presented to teaching and learning in the age of COVID.

As follow-up to the reports, our staff spent the day with families, utilizing Zoom as our Conference tool this year to go over the reports, sharing successes, challenges and plans for our each of our students. Sending a heartfelt thanks to our staff and families who spent time together yesterday in support of our kids!
Please make note of our next 

Tea with Laura on Friday, December 4th. This is part of a new series of conversations designed for parents/guardians to speak with our own Laura Wrubleski – our Educational Program Director – about various issues impacting their children’s education. 

Also wanted to send a HUGE thank you to a small but mighty set of women who have been helping to prepare Montessori materials for our Montessori Home Kits.

Please join me in celebrating Sharon Craig, Jennifer Kulesza, Jody Wilhelm and Jen Avery. We so appreciate you!

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