Mill Falls News, 10/19/18


This week included a lot of hard work and focus as well as a few visits from some interesting guests. Early in the week, members of the Jr. Monarch’s Team kicked off their Reading Project with us. Special thanks to their coach, our own Ryan Frew, for helping match his players with our school in order to help strengthen our students’ reading skills. The players will be working with students in our Kinder and Lower Elementary classrooms for the next several months.

On Wednesday, staff spent several hours (after the students’ early dismissal) working together in support of our public Montessori program. Firs, the staff enjoyed a beautiful parent-catered luncheon. Thank you SO much to all who created and donated items for this wonderful spread, with a special thanks to Hind for organizing the meal and contributing so much to the day’s menu. The kindness and generosity was wonderful nutrition for our hearts and minds!

After lunch, we were joined by Montessori trainer, Adele Fondo, a faculty member at the Maitland Montessori Training Center in Florida. Adele spoke with our full staff about the  Montessori philosophy, method and practice. It was an engaging and interactive afternoon, which generated a thoughtful discussion.

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Mill Falls News, 10/12/18

Montessori Explored and Many Thanks!

What an AMAZING turnout we had last night at our 2018 Bring Your Parents to School Night! We were thrilled to welcome so many families to the Thursday night event, and enjoyed watching as they discovered and enjoyed the power of the Montessori approach to learning alongside their children.

Each room was filled with curious adults and their willing young student-teachers. Please take a peak at some of the shared moments shown below. It was cold and rainy outside, but inside the sunny-warmth was palpable!

While everyone was in the house, we opened up the Fall Book Fair for an evening shop. A HUGE thank you to the Book Fair Team – Jen D., Lauren D., Gina, Kristin R., Alicia, Lisa C., Rosie, Julia, Lisa Z., Rachel, and Erin. They worked so hard this week to make the Fair look great and made it so easy for the students to make great reading choices!

We’d also like to send our heartfelt gratitude to so many of you who have brought in items for our Food Pantry.

It’s been great seeing so many families signing up for our upcoming family events – the Corn Maze Gathering at Beech Hill Farm later this month, and next month’s Pancake Breakfast, which will now be held at the Sweeney Post in Manchester. Please see below for details about these fun family get-togethers!

It was another great showing of families and friends at this morning’s Read In, our second of the year. Next Friday, we will welcome visitors of children in Denali and Olympic. We feature the Read In schedule weekly in this newsletter under the Important Dates located on the left side of the page.

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Mill Falls News, 10/5/18

A Full Month In…

Good sunny Friday, and upcoming Happy Long Weekend. Please remember that we are closed on Monday in observance of Columbus Day; see everyone back here on Tuesday.

It’s been a busy week here, as you will see in the images below. All rooms are now into the flow of their Montessori work cycles – a prolonged, uninterrupted period during which the children engage in a range of different activities, some of which are chosen independently and others that are presented by their teachers. Additionally, our Special Education, Reading and Math Intervention and Reading Groups are also in full swing. It’s great to see the daily rhythm and flow, and all of the focus and learning that goes along with that.

Thanks to all the parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors, who joined us this morning at our first Read In of the year. Next Friday, we will welcome visitors of children in Acadia, Zion and Yosemite.

Earlier today a team of Book Fair worker-bees descended upon the common area and brought our Fall Book Fair to life! Thank you SO much to Gina, Lisa, Rachel, Alicia, Erin, and Jen! Looking forward to a great Fair which will be open next week Tuesday – Friday, including during our evening event, Bring Your Parent to School Night on Thursday.

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Mill Falls News, 9/28/18

What Fun!

Thanks SO much to all who contributed to making last Sunday’s 3rd Annual Family Fun Run & Road Race such a great success! From our host – SNHU – to our partners and sponsors, to our day-of- crew, and of course to our over 100 runners, we send a resounding thank you! The event raised well over $4000 in support of our public Montessori school, in large part because of our many sponsors and partners (celebrated on our race day t-shirts). It takes a village to pull off an event like this, and we are so lucky to have the love and support of so many!

There are many to acknowledge (and we do so below), but please first join us in sending a HUGE thank you to MFCS Parent, Amanda Gerardi, to first dream up this event a few years back, and then work tirelessly, attending to every details, large and small year after year! We gathered at SNHU’s beautiful new stadium for under a bright blue sky, to enjoy this great outdoor and healthy event. MFCS Parents and student athletes from the University stood side-by-side, engaging and encouraging our kiddos. The University’s generous donation of breakfast and snacks were also much appreciated!

* * *

This week a group of 4th Year Students headed to Concord for the annual Delta Dental Student Leadership Summit which is hosted by NH Board of Education Chair, Tom Raffio and organized by John Jay Bonstingl of Bonstingl Leaders for the Future. This Summit is comprised of a small selection of students from New Hampshire schools and and is an activity-oriented summit of fun. Students spend the majority of their time working together to learn and develop leadership skills to be used within our school and hopefully in our community. Special thanks to Ms. Sherry who accompanied our students this year on this engaging 2-day leadership development adventure.

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Mill Falls News, 9/21/18

Light a Candle for Peace, Light a Candle for Love…

Sing Peace Around the World…

…And sing we did! Today we celebrated International Peace Day with our annual assembly during which we sang together, listened as students read aloud from The Peace Book by Todd Parr, and organized ourselves into an all-school Peace Walk. We were joined by Laura W.’s twins, which was an extra special treat! After the Peace Walk, our students returned to their classrooms for some other group activities. With our daily curricular focus on the Montessori concepts of Grace, Courtesy, and Respect, this day is an important one here. It provides a great opportunity for us to dive deeper into the meaning and importance of peace in our individual lives, our school, and the world. This year, we added one new component into our celebration, a all-school project which will hang in our lobby. Inspired by the words ‘When you close our eyes and think of peace, what do you see?’students were asked to write their thoughts on sticky notes stay tuned for the result of this collaborative effort…and a special thanks to Ms. Kristin L for putting it all together.

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