Mill Falls Charter School establishes high academic achievement and standards through the use of a curriculum that merges the Common Core Curriculum with the Montessori Scope and Sequence. The academic program integrates the development of community and responsible global citizenship; peaceful approach to conflict and the integration of curriculum partners in areas of art, community service and the natural world. We offer a stand-alone kindergarten, three Lower Elementary classrooms (grades 1-3) and three Upper Elementary classrooms (grades 4-6).

Individualized Learning inspires our students to seek their highest potential. The Mill Falls environment fosters students’ creativity and curiosity, leading to the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, and creating self-directed learners.

Respect develops and flourishes through the Montessori practice of grace and courtesy among students, faculty and parents/guardians.

Celebration of Diversity ensures that students, families and faculty of all means, needs and backgrounds are welcomed and supported in the school setting.

Service-Learning Opportunities for students of all ages ensures connection to community and the development of responsible and engaged citizens.

Personal Growth and Development is nurtured alongside the academic values of the Montessori method through the Practical Life and Service curricula. Students gathered in this safe and peaceful environment become engaged and empowered learners.

Authentic Montessori Programming defines every aspect of the School. Our classrooms are led by Montessori-trained teachers who utilize the Montessori approach in curriculum development and presentation, thus meeting students’ academic, social and emotional needs and expectations.

Parent/Guardian Commitment to the School’s mission and success is a core element of building and maintaining our school community. Students at Mill Falls achieve the greatest success when our teachers and families work together. We see parents/guardians as key participants in the school community and the success of the program. Parents and Guardians participation fosters a connection to the education and social development of their children and to the success of Mill Falls.