Mill Falls News, 12/4/20

Supporting in·duh·pen·dns

Hoping everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. This was a full week of academics, which this time of year always includes a wonderful exploration of the holidays celebrated by different cultures during this season. The study of these various ‘festivals of lights’ provides students with the opportunity to create crafts as they explore culture, family and world histories. Please enjoy some of the projects in our photo section down below.

Tea with Laura: It’s all about IndependenceThis morning, Laura and a small but mighty group of parents/guardians gathered to once again focus on the challenges and pragmatics of allowing our children to flourish in their academic independence while learning remotely. 

The purpose of the Teas with Laura, our Educational Program Director (most like a principal in other types of schools) is to provide opportunities for discussions about topics that are directly impacting our students and their families. In preparation for these talks, Laura has conversations with our teaching staff and with families which inform the content of the Tea.

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