Mill Falls News, 11/6/20

2020 was at it again this week, wasn’t it?!

We have weathered several twists and turns – from the ‘fall-backwards’ of daylight savings time (which always brings chaos especially for our littles), to the nail-biter of an election, to the sharp increase in COVID cases nationally, and locally.

But there were also some very bright spots, including the long awaited arrival and installation of our new bottle-filling water bubbler and our back-ordered Chromebooks which Jen Z. has now prepared for distribution, and the incredible weather we’ve had these last few days. They had her surrounded earlier today, as shown here to the left!

If you’ve tried to order anything these days, you know how hard it can be – from electronics to your favorite paper towels, to refrigerators and so much more. These are strange an unfamiliar experiences for most of us in small and big ways. That is why we are so thrilled that our Chromebooks arrived in time for distribution to those amazing families who have been using their own technology to help us ‘bridge’ this waiting period. 

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