Mill Falls News, 11/20/20

Working Together in Support of Our Kids

Last Friday afternoon, our First Trimester Progress Reports were sent home. If there is an overarching theme among the reports, it would have to be our students’ tenacity and hard work expressed with pride and appreciation by our staff despite all the obstacles presented to teaching and learning in the age of COVID.

As follow-up to the reports, our staff spent the day with families, utilizing Zoom as our Conference tool this year to go over the reports, sharing successes, challenges and plans for our each of our students. Sending a heartfelt thanks to our staff and families who spent time together yesterday in support of our kids!
Please make note of our next 

Tea with Laura on Friday, December 4th. This is part of a new series of conversations designed for parents/guardians to speak with our own Laura Wrubleski – our Educational Program Director – about various issues impacting their children’s education. 

Also wanted to send a HUGE thank you to a small but mighty set of women who have been helping to prepare Montessori materials for our Montessori Home Kits.

Please join me in celebrating Sharon Craig, Jennifer Kulesza, Jody Wilhelm and Jen Avery. We so appreciate you!

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