Mill Falls News, 10/2/20

Welcome OctoberAs we welcome in October, we are feeling the change in temperature, seeing earlier endings to the light of day, and enjoying the bright fall colors. NH has looked extra beautiful this week, especially with the late-day setting sun highlighting those spectacular colors, and even this week’s full Harvest Moon (did you know there will be two full moons in October this year?)! 

Hoping everyone gets some time outside this weekend to kick back and enjoy the nature that surrounds us and brings peace and harmony. 

There are some important updates in this week’s newsletter. I draw your attention to the Required Assessment Material Pickup for our Upper Elementary Families, the Free & Reduced Data Collection (if you have not completed that form, please do; deadline was Oct. 1) and look forward to our upcoming Virtual Book Fair beginning on Oct. 5 and our upcoming COVID-safe Picture Day, among other items. 

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