Mill Falls News, 11/8/19

Learning to Lead

“Each of us is what we continuously and consistently do.” These were the opening words from a brief talk given by Jay Bonstingl at this year’s Delta Dental Student Leadership Summit, which is organized by Mr. Bonstingl and was held this week in Concord. For the last three years, Mill Falls Students have had the opportunity to participate in the Summit, where they work together in a small group along side many other public school students from across the state, to develop their leadership skills and brainstorm projects aimed at positively impacting their schools.

Be Encouraging * Be a Good Friend * Be Inclusive * Let Everyone Have a Turn to Speak * Strong Team Work

This year, the Mill Falls Summit Team included a group of 4th and 5th year students. Ms. Shannon guided the Team during the two-day Summit, as they: discussed characteristics the Team believes are key to successful leadership (noted above); identified what the Team sees as strengths and areas for improvement at our school; and arrived at a meaningful project to develop and implement at school over the next several months. On the final day of the Summit, our students presented their initial plans for their project – The Kindness Globe. They hope their project will foster newfound opportunities for expressions and acts of kindness and care among all of our Mill Falls Community members. Stay tuned for more information about this developing project!

Our students were among the youngest at this year’s Summit, but their poise and emphasis on kindness is a solid reflection of the Montessori curricular elements of Peace as well as Grace, Courtesy and Respect which are woven into our every day life at school. Please join us in thanking the students for representing our school so beautifully; Ms. Shannonfor guiding them with care and encouragement; and Jay and Tom Raffioof Delta Dental for once again including our students in this outstanding program. 

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