Mill Falls News, 10/25/19

a-Mazing, Creative & Open Minds! 

This week has been filled with all kinds of exciting opportunities to flex our minds. Last weekend, families gathered at the Beech Hill Farms to enjoy the day together as they navigated through the Corn Maze. Thanks to event organizer Jen Kulesza, and all the families that attended!

Sticking with the outdoor theme, this week’s Green Thumb Club created mandalas out of items collected from the natural world. Please enjoy the images of these beautiful creations below.

Our Wednesday, All-School Meetingwas led by our Upper Elementary Olympic classroom and they chose to focus on sharing what they are learning about in relation to Growth Mindset. During the meeting, Olympic students read a book about it, and then shared their personal goals. Our school community so appreciated how open and really brave they were to share such personal parts of themselves. The students showed their thanks by being an attentive audience with many moments of hearty applause!

And last night, MFCS parent Kim Robinson (with the children in the photo here), ran our 2nd MFCS Paint Night. As music played quietly in the background, painters and their partners (about 30 participants in total), created paintings each of which had personal touches and interpretations of the target painting, which Kim shared. The group enjoyed light snacks and a wondering and engaging creative process. Please join us in thanking Kim for donating her time and the needed supplies to this friend/fundraiser in support of our school, which at a charge of $25 per painting, was a great source of funds! We have scheduled a spring Paint Night as well, so if you missed it last night, there’s another chance in a few months. 

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