Mill Falls News, 10/18/19

Short but busy week…

Hoping our families enjoyed the long weekend. The weather was amazing…certainly nicer than the rough weather that followed. Some in our MFCS Community lost power and trees and experienced flooding. Hoping things are beginning to return to normal for you. 

This week staff enjoyed a full-day collaboration at our 3rd Annual Convening of Northern New England Public Montessori Schools, on Tuesday. Our staff presented some best practices used here, and were exposed to other ideas from our colleagues at River Valley Charter School. Our own Maryclare Heffernan was the keynote speaker. The day provides a special and treasured time to think together about our Montessori practice and what makes this approach to learning unique, creative and engaging.

Spring Paint Night 2019: As we look to next week, please plan to join us at our Fall Paint Night here at school on Thursday, October 24th. Details and a registration form can be found below, so sharpen your paint brushes! If you can lend a hand, we are in need of tarps and snacks. Please let organizer, Kim Robinson know by email if you can help with that or give us a call here at school. Thank you!

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