Mill Falls News, 9/6/19

These words reveal the child’s inner needs;
‘Help me to do it alone’.
~ Dr. Maria Montessori

Welcome to the first 2019/20 issue of our weekly, Mill Falls News. For those of you who are new to Mill Falls, each Friday this newsletter is sent out via email. We use this as our key form of school-to-home information sharing about our programming and school happenings. The newsletter has important links to documents, key dates, information about Montessori, and features photographs from the week. You will see additional guidelines for school-home communication below.

This week, we began our 8th year of operation since our founding in 2012. We welcomed back old friends, and gave a warm welcome to new ones. We played name games, ate lunch outside in the sunshine, talked about our summer vacations, and shared so much more! 

Truth be told, we’ve been celebrating the beginning of this new school year since late August. Staff returned the week of August 26th for our annual Staff Opening Days.

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