Mill Falls News, 6/13/19

Another GREAT Year…

We sure packed an awful lot into these last days of school! On Monday, our 3rd Year Students celebrated their completion of our Lower Elementary Program with a trip to the beach. 

On Tuesday, Our 6th Year Students did their final Service Day stocking shelves at Families in Transition’s for their New Horizons Soup Kitchen, Food Pantry, & Shelter. Meanwhile… our Annual Kinder Celebration and Tea was in full swing. Ms. Kristin and Ms. Kayla put together a beautiful program where the children sing and perform an abbreviated version of the Very Hungry Caterpillar – a favorite every year!

On Wednesday our Girls on the Run Team got to work on their service program – offering car washes to our staff. They did an amazing job, and the coaches did too! Thanks to all of you! Once all the soap was off the cars, everyone headed outside for our Annual Students vs. Teacher Soccer Game. It was a nail biter… but in the end the students won, 6-5. Thanks so much to Lauren DePaul for her great job as ref. That was followed by an all-school picnic. Enjoy pictures from the game below.

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