Mill Falls News, 5/31/19

Field Day of Dreams!

What an AMAZING day we’ve just had, full of smiles (picture the duck race with floaties and flippers) and fun (think pouring water from one cup to another behind the back), physical feats (think carrying 15 pizza boxes in a running race), entertainment (by the Mad Scientist from N. Boston) and so much more! A team of hard-working volunteers began the day early to set up, then man/woman the stations, then break it all down…all fearlessly led by Laura W (known on Field Days as ‘Clip Board Lady). It was AWESOME!!! After a quick break, we settled in to the 7th Annual Field Day Picnic and shared desserts. So many thank you’s to everyone involved. A wonderful Mill Falls celebration!

The fun will continue tomorrow evening when yet another group of hard working MFCS Volunteers – led by Rachel Marziano and Kim Robinson – will create a GREAT celebration in the form of a party for the adult members of our extended school community – our 4th Annual Night of Community.

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