Mill Falls News, 5/17/19

Our Community in Action!

As we’ve been saying…this week marks the start of a VERY busy end of the school year. The fun kicked off last Friday night with our 2nd Annual Mill Falls Variety Show. It was one of those special events that had our guests smiling from start to finish. Expertly organized by Ms. Christine and Ms. Devon with night-of help from Ms. Alyssa, the children showed great talent, grace and determination and they WOWed the crowd (our MC’s shown here; more photos below). Thank you to everyone who came to cheer on the dancers, singers, stand up comedian, movie maker, piano players and more! We are already looking forward to our 3rd annual Variety Show!

* * *

Earlier this week, the Mill Falls Charter School Foundation hosted its 7th Annual Education Leadership Breakfast in support of our school. The Foundation is singly-charged with helping the school to be financially viable now and in the future, supporting our long-term sustainability and success. 

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