Mill Falls News, 4/5/19

Get Your Game On! 

Top of the list is acknowledging the hard work and focus of our 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Year Students who have been taking the SAS tests this week. Supported by staff during testing, and by volunteers who came in to provide fun and energized movement breaks, the students have done a great job making their way through the annual required standardized testing. 

Special thanks to MFCS Parents, Ramon & Maura and to Ms. Catie and Ms. Devon for lending their exercise expertise to this week’s body breaks. The kids had a blast dancing and moving…and even a few staffers joined in! We are scheduled to complete this testing period by early next week. 

And while the bigger kiddos were testing, our other students have been working away, challenging themselves through practice, book groups and more! Our Lower Elementary Students are working on their upcoming Annual Egg Drop Project (not the soup, the science project). This week they began preparation for this project that tests their hypotheses about how best to cradle the egg for the drop. Our Kinders took some exciting steps in their language acquisition with the introduction of the language box. This material helps them learn to recognize and spell ‘CVC’ words – simple consonant-vowel-consonant words. Meanwhile, some of Ms. Mindy’s writing groups have been creating animals from clay (see pic below) based on book research they conducted recently.

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