Mill Falls News, 3/15/19

SO Many Special Friends!

What a WONDERFUL turnout we had for our 2019 Grandparents & Special Friends Day earlier this week. It was, literally, a standing room only crowd! So many of you helped to make the day a true success. From those who shared goodies for our breakfast table, to those who volunteered as ambassadors, to those who worked the book fair, to those who helped spread the word about the day, and helped arrange for our guests to join us! We are deeply thankful for all the assistance, and hope you will enjoy seeing some images from the day, included below.

And while we are thanking people… It’s been such a busy, albeit short, week and every day there have been scores of volunteers in our midst. 

The intrepid group of Book Fair Volunteers set up the Fair last Friday and have kept the shop open and well maintained every day! Special thanks to Marie R, Gina (and her mom!), Lauren D, Jen D, Tom G, Meghan S, Lauren Ducas, Erin F, Lauren DuPaul, Lisa Z, Soncheri, and anyone else who lent a hand!

Thanks, too, to those who shared all the wonderful goodies for our
Teacher Luncheon during Conferences. The day is a long one for our teaching staff, so keeping them well nourished is a wonderful way to share your strength and appreciation. These acts of kindness fall beautifully in line with our Montessori program!

And even amidst all that action in this short week, we had our usual handwriting and reading volunteers with us as well. At times it was a bit tight here – in terms of time and space – so a HUGE thanks for everyone’s flexibility and good cheer. 

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