Mill Falls News, 2/8/19

 Lots Cooking…
Yes, it’s still cold outside, and yes, we are not yet through winter, but this is the time of year when SO much is going on at Mill Falls. Some things are in the planning stages, and some events are just around the corner. Please take a few minutes to review this newsletter which, among other thing, highlights a variety of upcoming events and activities. 

First up is our 100th Day of School which we will be celebrating on Monday! Our teachers are planning all kinds of fun activities, based on or related to 100. The day is always a wonderful celebration of our school and all the great work being accomplished. This celebration will be observed throughout the school day on Monday. Of note, this may be one of the earliest 100th Days in our 7-year history, as we’ve not yet had a full snow day!

A few week ago, we shared that our 6th Year Students traveled to the NH Food Bank as part of their Service Learning Curriculum. This week, we received a thank you letter from the Food Bank, noting that our students sorted 1500 pounds of potatoes (!) which were then distributed at the Manchester food drop at JFK Stadium. This sorting helped to supply members of our community with about 1200 meals! We are proud of our 20 6th Year Students, and thank them, and Ms. Laura who accompanied them to the site, for their dedication to making this world a better place, one act of generosity at a time!

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