Mill Falls News, 2/1/19

Olympic-sized Celebration!
It was a full house for our All-School European Continent Study Celebrations on Thursday. Visitors to all three of our program levels were treated to student-produced projects, food samples, dress, dance, music and even a symbolic Olympics event! We were thrilled to be able to share all of this with so many of you and we thank you so much for spending part of our Thursday with us!

So, what was this continent study all about anyway, and why is it so important? Firstly, this element of our Montessori Cultural Curriculumprovides the children with an opportunity to explore the larger world. It exposes them to aspects of cultures from around the world, as they learn about the people, terrain and animals of each continent, all with a focus on basic human needs. Each year, our students study two different continents…next up this year is Australia.

And beyond that, this week’s celebration offers our students the opportunity to strengthen their communication skills. They’re able to find their speaking and writing voices and to learn how to share what they’ve learned with others. 

As you might imagine, this kind of a school-wide project takes great energy and focus and requires that all the resources in the building pull together! Each classroom worked carefully on their chosen projects with assists as needed from our interventionists, our library and technology specialists, our special educators and even Ms. Laura W. enjoyed the time she and the Upper Elementary Students spent making fresh humus which was served to visitors during the Upper Elementary Olympics. It is a pleasure to support the students as they explore the world in this way, and observe them discover their place in it. And it is always wonderful to share that process with all of you! Please enjoy the photographs below from the Celebration.

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