Mill Falls News, 11/16/18

First Snow!

With today’s early snow, we are reminded of the challenges that can come during winter. Please remember to keep an eye on WMUR for all delay and cancellation news. A reminder that we have 4.5 weather days built into our calendar. Should we go beyond that, we may be required to add days to the end of the year.

Generally speaking, we follow the Manchester School District in terms of snow day determinations, given our bussing arrangement with the District. We wait until they have decided the plan (delay or closure), and then we post our own school on WMUR as well. In the event that we are doing something different than the District of Manchester, we will send out an all-school alert via our ALMA (student information) system.

Two important reminders, when we have a delayed opening, there is NO BeforeCare and NO class for Kinders. KinderCare on Delayed Opening Days begins at 12noon.

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