Mill Falls News, 10/19/18


This week included a lot of hard work and focus as well as a few visits from some interesting guests. Early in the week, members of the Jr. Monarch’s Team kicked off their Reading Project with us. Special thanks to their coach, our own Ryan Frew, for helping match his players with our school in order to help strengthen our students’ reading skills. The players will be working with students in our Kinder and Lower Elementary classrooms for the next several months.

On Wednesday, staff spent several hours (after the students’ early dismissal) working together in support of our public Montessori program. Firs, the staff enjoyed a beautiful parent-catered luncheon. Thank you SO much to all who created and donated items for this wonderful spread, with a special thanks to Hind for organizing the meal and contributing so much to the day’s menu. The kindness and generosity was wonderful nutrition for our hearts and minds!

After lunch, we were joined by Montessori trainer, Adele Fondo, a faculty member at the Maitland Montessori Training Center in Florida. Adele spoke with our full staff about the  Montessori philosophy, method and practice. It was an engaging and interactive afternoon, which generated a thoughtful discussion.

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