Mill Falls News, 9/14/18

Community Building…and the start of Work Cycles!
Kindness is peace, hugs, kisses, smiles, playing, following the rules, and making friends.
~ Adiyah, 3rd year student, excerpt from community project about kindness

As we close out week two of the 2018/19 School Year it’s exciting to note that alongside the important ongoing work of community building, mini-Montessori Work Cycles were in play this week!

The work cycle – a critical component to the Montessori setting – is a three-hour period of time when students to focus on their academic expectations. During work-cycle the students practice what they have learned, and are often introduced to new concepts. Please enjoy some photographs below of the creative projects and activities related to the important work of community building, as well as other moments from the week.

It was GREAT to see so many of you at our 2018/19 Open House. That event is geared toward discussions around classroom operations – details large and small about your children’s school day and the expectations at the various levels. Mark your calendar now for next month’s Bring a Parent to School Night on October 11th, one of the most important nights of the year! On that you will play the role of student, as your child/children walk you through a mini work cycle. There will be plenty of ‘ah-ha!’ moments for you as you come to understand aspects of the unique Montessori approach which you have chosen for your child/children.

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