Mill Falls News, 3/23/18

30 Days, 30 Prizes and more!

Earlier this week we held our 7th Enrollment Lottery. We had 175 applicants who reside in 24 towns, including Manchester. Among the group 10 languages other than English are spoken. This year’s Lottery Official was Helen Davies, SNHU’s Director of Community Relations. Thank you Helen!

As you can imagine, processing so many applications requires a Herculean effort. These days, Ms. Susanne handles much of that work. Please join us in thanking her! We’d also like to thank Ms. Shannon and the Parent-Volunteers Kim Spencer and Angelica Kashulines who rounded out the Lottery Day Team. We are looking forward to meeting our new kinder class this spring when they come in for their interviews. Thanks to all of you who helped spread the word during our Lottery Enrollment Period.

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