Mill Falls News, 12/15/17

Festivals of Lights & Learning…

This week, winter firmly planted its feet! We managed to keep to our planned school schedule despite the storm, and have a really productive week.

Alongside their usual curricular work, the children are deep into their end of year projects. Our younger students are exploring the various ‘festivals of light’ celebrated this time of year including – Chanukah, Kwanza, Christmas and Dwali. Parents of these children have seen the various crafts projects created thus far, alongside information being shared about each of these wonderful holidays. Our older students are busy researching and exploring their own family histories, creating a family tree, gathering stories, traditions and treasures which will be presented to their teachers and classmates next week.

On Wednesday afternoon, staff was treated to an incredibly beautiful and DELICIOUS luncheon organized and largely created by MFCS mom and incredible cook, Hind Bashier with help from Intisar Elawad and Ayat Ibrahim. Their dishes, along with the contributions of many others, helped to power the staff through the afternoon. And did we mention that cheesecake masterpiece by MFCS Grandma, Sharron Craig!

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