Mill Falls News, 10/27/17

History & Literature Come Alive!
This week featured one of the most challenging and fulfilling school projects undertaken by our students each year. Over the last few weeks, culminating on Thursday and Friday, the children have engaged in decision making, planning and performance as they selected their characters in history or literature and then set out to portray them.
On Thursday afternoon, we hosted our Annual Living Wax Museum which featured our Upper Elementary Students. Each student had selected and researched an important person in history and on Thursday presented their person’s story to the assembled guests. The 4th and 5th year students created trifold poster boards, while our 6th years created digital presentations. Each student was required to read their well-researched report about a pivotal moment in their person’s life.
From scientists to inventors, politicians to ballet dancers, athletes to chefs, the students did an incredible job of engaging the more than 100 visitors on Thursday afternoon, sharing what they’d learned with all who came to listen! Congratulations to our students and a HUGE thank you to all of our guests who helped to make the atmosphere a joyous one.