Mill Falls News, 3/24/17

Spirited Week!

SO many smiles this week as we displayed our Mill Falls Spirit! Thanks to all for helping to make the week so much fun! There were multiples, time travelers (forward AND backward), sports fans, career planners and SO many Ms. Laurens today when students dressed as teachers, and teachers as students (see below). Side note…It was also great to have 5 school days in a row with no weather events!

PLEASE NOTE…This weekend is the FINAL PUSH for the MFCS Annual Fundraising Calendar Raffle. Remember, when people purchase the calendar for $10 each, they get 30 chances to win 30 fabulous prizes, and 100% of the profits go to the school since we had NO expenses related to this fundraiser! Please help us reach our $10,000 sales goal by selling 10 or more calendars each! Sales can be made by cash, check, or on line at Paypal.

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