Mill Falls News, 2/24/17

A Short but Productive Week!

Despite the upcoming February Break, students and staff were hard at work this week. There were lessons galore, reading groups a-plenty, the Student Newspaper Team worked diligently to complete their articles for our first paper (stay tuned for that!), and of course we all enjoyed this unseasonably warm and sunny weather! We packed an awful lot into 4 days!

We also rolled out the MFCS Annual Fundraising Calendar Raffle this week. Students spent a bit of time creating a list of potential customers as they brainstormed names of friends, family and neighbors who would likely want to support our public Montessori School by purchasing 1 or more Raffle Calendars. Thanks in advance to all of our families for working together to help us reach (or maybe even exceed) the $10,000 set by Calendar Coordinator Liza Zonfrillo this year. And please again join me in thanking Lisa for all her hard work on this important fundraiser!

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