Mill Falls News, 2/17/17

100th Day…At Last!

After many winter-storm delays, we have finally come to the 100th Day of School! For those of you who don’t know, the 100th Day is a big deal around here. It provides us with the opportunity to step back, take a look at what we’ve accomplished and dream a bit about our future!

Our day began with an All-School Morning Meeting where a children’s book about the 100th Day was read aloud by Ms. Laura B. Then we sat back and enjoyed a slide show set to music. The show depicts this year’s first 100 days in pictures, allowing us to reflect on and celebrate the hard work by our Staff and Students.

Throughout the day today, our students engaged in various activities related to 100 – from cup stacking to making wacky paper glasses, working with stackable lego pieces and more! As part of the celebration, many on our staff dressed as 100-year-old women. It’s always a joyous affair with lots of laughs, and today was no exception! Please enjoy some images from our 100th Day shared below!

This week also featured a snow day, a delayed opening and in between,Valentine’s Day! Looking forward to some quieter weather for the next few days!

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