Mill Falls News, 2/10/17

Snow, Shovel, Repeat…

Just as you were reading the newsletter last Friday, our Upper Elementary Dance Committee along with their helpers and chaperones were preparing for the Winter Dance. Fun was had by all…enjoy some photographs from the evening down below!

This week has been a very challenging one given the storms we have endured. For the first time since we opened our doors in 2012, we took the unusual step of canceling school for Thursday BEFORE Manchester did on Wednesday night. To be sure everyone knew the plan, we posted on WMUR and sent out a school-wide alert via our student information system – ALMA – at about 9pm. Most unfortunately, our alert got tied up the ALMA system’s malfunction along with several other schools’ messages. We at MFCS and those at ALMA send their apologies to our MFCS community for the inconvenience of the late night and repeated notifications. Please be aware, we will ONLY utilize that system for emergencies or for situations when our schedule does not match Manchester School District’s schedule. If you want to review your alert setting (text or call), please log in to ALMA and visit your personal account settings.

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