Mill Falls Newsletter, 4/8/16

Is it Spring…yet?
The sun is shining again and we are optimistic that we have now seen our last snow storm! Let’s hope…
It’s been a busy week here. The children and staff have done a fabulous job of balancing Smarter Balanced Assessments with work and a few extra chances to let loose in between it all. Laura W put together a really fun schedule of visitors and activity leaders.
We kicked off the week with a Hip Hop/Zumba instructor Danielle from Ms. Kelsey’s Dance Studio. Special thanks to MFCS parents Ramon and Terri for bringing their great dance energy to school. Ramon led Latin Hip Hop classes, and Terri led Zumba sessions!  And today MFCS mom, Sarah Duffley, lead a Yoga class.
Fun was had by all during these breaks! Thanks to everyone who donated their time and energy!