Mill Falls Newsletter, 3/18/16

A week like this one would not have been possible without the contribution of time, energy, humor, and wisdom from many volunteers, visitors and friends of Mill Falls.

Our Spring Book Fair opened without a hitch and was a gathering point all week long. Operated by a small but mighty volunteer crew and overseen by Ms. Laura W, it appears we may have had one of our best Fairs ever! Besides providing Mill Falls families a pop-up book shop, the sales at the Fair also translate into Scholastic ‘book dollars’ which Laura uses to purchase books and resources for our school.

Our 2016 Lottery Day was officiated by Alderperson, Joyce Craig. Joyce provided great energy and efficiency as the Lottery Team pulled all 216 applicants. This was the largest applicant pool since our founding lottery in 2012! Working with Joyce were parent volunteers Susi P and Melissa B, who kept it all flowing smoothly while Susanne and Shannon tracked the results. Thanks to all those who helped throughout the Lottery season providing treats and help at Info Session and in spreading the word.

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