Mill Falls News, 12/22/17

Surprise Ending…

Good afternoon on this unexpected snow day and earlier than expected start to our December Break. This will be a shorter than usual Mill Falls News, but we still wanted to be sure to get this out to you today.

We have had an amazing close to the calendar year with tons of curricular and cultural work well underway. Our Kinder and Lower Elementary classes were able to do the majority of their holiday study and special projects. However, presentations of the Family Tree & Traditions project by our Upper Elementary Students will have to wait until we are back in session. Parents of Upper Elementary Students, please stay tuned for updates on that from your children’s teachers.

In the final days of the year, our MFCS Families showered the staff with gifts and kindness. There were classroom donations of books and materials, thoughtful gifts for individual staff members and so many yummy treats brought in for the staff to share. And of course so many of you have contributed food to our MFCS Food Pantry, which provides support for those students and families in our School Community who are in need.

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Mill Falls News, 12/15/17

Festivals of Lights & Learning…

This week, winter firmly planted its feet! We managed to keep to our planned school schedule despite the storm, and have a really productive week.

Alongside their usual curricular work, the children are deep into their end of year projects. Our younger students are exploring the various ‘festivals of light’ celebrated this time of year including – Chanukah, Kwanza, Christmas and Dwali. Parents of these children have seen the various crafts projects created thus far, alongside information being shared about each of these wonderful holidays. Our older students are busy researching and exploring their own family histories, creating a family tree, gathering stories, traditions and treasures which will be presented to their teachers and classmates next week.

On Wednesday afternoon, staff was treated to an incredibly beautiful and DELICIOUS luncheon organized and largely created by MFCS mom and incredible cook, Hind Bashier with help from Intisar Elawad and Ayat Ibrahim. Their dishes, along with the contributions of many others, helped to power the staff through the afternoon. And did we mention that cheesecake masterpiece by MFCS Grandma, Sharron Craig!

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Mill Falls News, 12/8/17

Winter is Near…

Nearly all of the leaves have now fallen, and so we know winter’s true arrival must just around the corner. With that, a few important reminders…

Weather-Related Closings & Delays: In the event of a weather-related closing or delay, we will post information on WMUR. You can see that on the TV or online at You can also download the app on your phone or tablet. Generally, we follow the Manchester School District’s weather-related decisions because so many of our students depend on busing to get to and from school. In the unusual event that weather conditions require that we close or delay, even if Manchester has not decided to, we will send out an all-school alert via ALMA. You can check your alert settings by logging in to ALMA (it can send a text and/or automated call).

Dressing for Winter: As the cold weather approaches, we remind you to send your children to school with appropriate clothing. Coats, boots, gloves, and hats are key to enjoying recess and outdoor fitness time safely. The children and staff go out every day unless the ‘feels like’ temperature is below 20 degrees or there is rain or snow.

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Mill Falls News, 12/1/17

Lights, Camera…See you at the Movies!

A reminder that tonight is Movie Night! We are looking forward to a great evening! Special thanks to Ms. Sherry, Ms. Lauren and Ms. Danielle who will be managing the event and to Mark and Zach Adam at Cinemagic for supplying the popcorn…again this year!

Doors Open:  6:15pm; Pickup: 8:30-8:45pm. Admission: $5 per child; $12 for three children. Siblings 5 years and older are welcome to attend! Parents – enjoy your night out!

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Mill Falls News, 11/21/17

So Much to be Thankful For! 

The week is short, but our list of things to be thankful for is very long! From our hardworking students and their wonderfully supportive families, to our creative and talented teachers and staff, to our School & Foundation Boards, and our funders and partners….

We are so thankful for all that you do for us and each other, every single day!

In particular, our School Community has shown its strength with the incredible outpouring of food donations for our MFCS Food Pantry. The wealth and variety of items you have shared has brought smiles to the faces of those who depend on the Pantry. This wealth of donations has helped us send home hearty packages of food which will help our families make it through this long holiday weekend. Many, many thanks…and hoping we can keep the donations coming throughout the year.

This afternoon, MFCS students in each of our program levels took time to give thanks, share a meal or a snack. Much of the joy of the day was made possible through generous participation by MFCS Parents from donations for the Kinder and Upper Elementary Meals to servers at our Upper Elementary Feast, we say, thank you, thank you thank, you! Please enjoy some moments from those events below.

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Mill Falls News, 11/17/17

Progress & Gratitude

Thank you to our amazing staff and families for another fantastic Parent-Teacher Conference Day. Connecting with parents, sharing the strides and struggles, the competencies and the complexities is what our Parent-Teacher Conference Days are all about. The day is designed to strengthen the ties that link parents/guardians, students and teachers together and we hope that those of you who attended Conference Day now have a deeper understanding of our unique setting and the hard work undertaken by students and staff every day.

Today in backpacks we are sending home the results of the Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBAC) – the standardized tests taken by public school students throughout the state of NH and beyond. Students took these assessments last spring and will sit for those assessments again this year in April. Should you have any questions about the results, please contact your classroom teacher.

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Mill Falls News, 11/9/17

A Short but Busy Week

It was a short but busy week at school. There was some great Science going on here, among other things! Our Kinder students spent a bit more time with their Upper Elementary mentors finishing up their Pumpkin Study; and all kinds of cool experiments were conducted by our Lower and Upper Elementary Students. Please enjoy some of these moments included in photographs throughout this Newsletter.

In other significant news, our staff has completed the November Progress Reports in preparation for next week’s Parent-Teacher Conferences on Thursday, November 16th. Families will be sent an email notification from ALMA. You may view the reports by logging in to your ALMA account.

Our Progress Reports provide MFCS Parents/Guardians with an in-depth analysis of their children’s work at school. The reports explore both the students’ academic progress as well as their social and emotional health. They take into account, and weave together, the Common Core Standards and our Montessori approach. Please take some time to review your child’s report BEFORE your conference so that you can maximize your time with your child’s Teachers.

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Mill Falls News, 11/3/17

Stormy Start to the Week…
The week got off to a bit of a crazy start with an unexpected, high-impact storm. We know that some of our families and staff were impacted and we hope that all is now back to normal for those members of our community.
Here at school we jammed a lot of learning into this 4-day week. Please enjoy some images below.
Don’t forget that this weekend we turn the clocks back!
Please keep in mind that we have some important upcoming dates.

Mill Falls News, 10/27/17

History & Literature Come Alive!
This week featured one of the most challenging and fulfilling school projects undertaken by our students each year. Over the last few weeks, culminating on Thursday and Friday, the children have engaged in decision making, planning and performance as they selected their characters in history or literature and then set out to portray them.
On Thursday afternoon, we hosted our Annual Living Wax Museum which featured our Upper Elementary Students. Each student had selected and researched an important person in history and on Thursday presented their person’s story to the assembled guests. The 4th and 5th year students created trifold poster boards, while our 6th years created digital presentations. Each student was required to read their well-researched report about a pivotal moment in their person’s life.
From scientists to inventors, politicians to ballet dancers, athletes to chefs, the students did an incredible job of engaging the more than 100 visitors on Thursday afternoon, sharing what they’d learned with all who came to listen! Congratulations to our students and a HUGE thank you to all of our guests who helped to make the atmosphere a joyous one.

Mill Falls News, 10/20/17

Leading the Way…
This week a small group of 4th and 5th year Students, along with Ms. Laura headed to Concord to hone their Leadership Skills as part of the 10th Annual Northeast Delta Dental Youth Leadership Summit. This event was lead by John Jay Bonstingl of Bonstingl Leaders for the Future. Jay Bonstingl is an author and consultant who has worked for decades in leadership development and education. Mill Falls was one of just five participating NH public schools. The two-day Summit explored leadership qualities and then the children worked together to come up with projects they’d like to execute here at School. Please join us in thanking Tom Raffio at Delta Dental for his ongoing support of this engaging and powerful initiative.
We are so proud of the work the students did during the Summit, and received many complements on their maturity and thoughtfulness. Laura will continue to work with the group of students over the next weeks. This morning at our all-school meeting, the students who attended the Leadership Summit shared their experience and ideas with our school community… Stay tuned for more information on the plans!