Mill Falls News, 5/12/17

Focus & Fun…
It was a great week at school – terrific focus and productivity during our work cycles. Our 4th Year Students conquered theNECAP Science Assessments – well done all! We also had a visit from Ruth, a Dental Hygienist from Dr. Evelyn Bryan’s office. Ruth spoke to the children about the importance of taking care of their teeth, linking it to their overall health. Thank you Ruth for donating your time and great energy!
It’s been busy after school, too, with our Soccer Club, Girls on the Run, Drama Club, Adventure Club & First Lego League meeting each week.
Hard to believe, but there are just 4.5 weeks left of school, and these last weeks are jam-packed with many activities and events. Please see below for several of those important dates. Information about other classroom-related activities will be shared by the classroom teachers. Looking forward to some wonderful adventures as we close out the 2016/17 Year.


Mill Falls News, 5/5/17

May Flowers…at last!
It was wonderful to welcome back everyone on Monday following April Vacation. We surprised the students with some fun additions to our outdoor space. From a 4-square court to hopscotch, basketball to outdoor chalk boards. The students have really enjoyed the new outdoor games and are SO appreciative to have the donations of balls, hula-hoops and more from our wonderful families. Again our sincere thanks! We have also purchased a few more picnic tables and soccer goals…slowly our outside space is taking shape!
This past week was National Teacher Appreciation Week and our parents spoiled us! Rachel Marziano & Lisa Zonfrillo masterminded a week full of amazing activities from massages by MFCS mom Julia Soto, to Smoothie and Salad Bars. We are so deeply appreciative of everything shared this week and feel both loved and appreciated! Thank you!!!

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Mill Falls News, 4/21/17

Happy Earth Day!
While everyone is looking forward to April Vacation, we certainly have managed to accomplish a lot this week!
This week we celebrated a Service Learning Project organized by our 6th Year Students. Kindness Week provided staff, students and visitors the chance participate in acknowledging acts and words of kindness shared here at School. Some of the most touching notes about kindness will be displayed at our 2017 Leadership Fundraising Breakfast on May 2nd, the MFCS Foundation’s largest fundraiser of the year which brings together members of the greater Manchester area to celebrate and support our School.


Mill Falls News, 4/14/17

Spring…finally has sprung!
At last, the warm weather has arrived! I think it is safe to say, snow days for this year are a thing of the past! And with the start of spring come some new and exciting projects and programs.
No Act of Kindness is Ever Wasted!
Open your heart to the 6th Year’s next service learning project – Kindness Week! Stop by to see the kindness tree which will grow leaves of kind acts and words collected from everyone in our community. Did you witness or overhear kind words or acts? Were you part of sharing kindness and empathy? Add your note to the box which sits beside the poll near the tree. We look forward to seeing our tree blossom!


Mill Falls News, 4/7/17

Reaching High!
One more HUGE Thank You! to all in our community who helped us reach AND exceed our $10,000 goal for this year’s MFCS Calendar Raffle. Well done all! We have been announcing the winners on our School’s FaceBook Page. All winners have been called and prizes are sent out daily to the lucky recipients.
Looking forward to seeing you at Game Night, tonight from 5:30-7:30! Our 6th Year students look forward to being Game Gurus at tonight’s event which is part of their Service Learning Curriculum. A special thanks to Ms. Ashley who has taken the lead on organizing the event and working weekly with the students, along with MFCS Parent, Lauren D. Thanks, too, to Amanda G. for helping to decorate our space. Many of you have sent in goodies and supplies and still others will be lending a hand tonight. We are poised to have a GREAT evening of fun and games!
Please join us in welcoming the newest member of our Mill Falls Community. The Bashier-Mousa Family has a new daughter – Maab. Congratulations…we can’t wait to meet her!
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Mill Falls News, 3/31/17

It Takes a Village

Thank you to all who worked on this and to everyone who supported the effort! And a HUGE thank you to Lisa Z who once again secured fantastic prizes and saw the project through from start to finish by counting every last penny raised this week along with help from Jen and Alicia. We will begin pulling our daily winners on April 1. They will be announced on our FB page, and listed here, weekly.

Please note, we will keep the on-line sales page open so that folks can continue to buy the calendars to be part of this fun and important effort. The link to the online site for purchasing is: <> Feel free to post this on your personal FB page!

Game Night is coming up and we wanted to be sure that you are aware that the planning for the evening is being organized in large part by our 6th Year Students as part of their Service Learning Curriculum. Ms. Ashley, Assistant Teacher in the Everglades Room, has been working with the 6th Year cohort on a number of service learning projects. Game Night is just one of many. How can you help? Plan to join them on Family Game Night, April 7th right here at school. Please see the box below for more details!

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Mill Falls News, 3/24/17

Spirited Week!

SO many smiles this week as we displayed our Mill Falls Spirit! Thanks to all for helping to make the week so much fun! There were multiples, time travelers (forward AND backward), sports fans, career planners and SO many Ms. Laurens today when students dressed as teachers, and teachers as students (see below). Side note…It was also great to have 5 school days in a row with no weather events!

PLEASE NOTE…This weekend is the FINAL PUSH for the MFCS Annual Fundraising Calendar Raffle. Remember, when people purchase the calendar for $10 each, they get 30 chances to win 30 fabulous prizes, and 100% of the profits go to the school since we had NO expenses related to this fundraiser! Please help us reach our $10,000 sales goal by selling 10 or more calendars each! Sales can be made by cash, check, or on line at Paypal.

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Mill Falls News, 3/17/17

Winter, again?!

So let’s just hope that snow days and delays are now a thing of the 2016/17 School Year past! Mother Nature certainly tested our focus and concentration this week, but luckily the snow didn’t get in the way ofGrandparents & Special Friends Day! We were thrilled to welcome over 90 guests to our school. Please enjoy some pictures from the day down below.

Did you ever wonder what our classroom animals do on the weekends? During the last bit of clean up, a member of the Union Leader Team snapped this picture to the right. If you look carefully, you will spot the cricket hanging out on the lizard, Ginger, in the Glacier Classroom!

Special thanks to MFCS Parent, Jen Dacato, for masterminding and running our Spring Book Fair. And thanks, too, to the many parents who volunteered during the Fair! It was beautifully themed and designed. Hopefully, despite our crazy weather schedule this week, families were able to enjoy the Fair.

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Mill Falls News, 2/24/17

A Short but Productive Week!

Despite the upcoming February Break, students and staff were hard at work this week. There were lessons galore, reading groups a-plenty, the Student Newspaper Team worked diligently to complete their articles for our first paper (stay tuned for that!), and of course we all enjoyed this unseasonably warm and sunny weather! We packed an awful lot into 4 days!

We also rolled out the MFCS Annual Fundraising Calendar Raffle this week. Students spent a bit of time creating a list of potential customers as they brainstormed names of friends, family and neighbors who would likely want to support our public Montessori School by purchasing 1 or more Raffle Calendars. Thanks in advance to all of our families for working together to help us reach (or maybe even exceed) the $10,000 set by Calendar Coordinator Liza Zonfrillo this year. And please again join me in thanking Lisa for all her hard work on this important fundraiser!

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Mill Falls News, 2/17/17

100th Day…At Last!

After many winter-storm delays, we have finally come to the 100th Day of School! For those of you who don’t know, the 100th Day is a big deal around here. It provides us with the opportunity to step back, take a look at what we’ve accomplished and dream a bit about our future!

Our day began with an All-School Morning Meeting where a children’s book about the 100th Day was read aloud by Ms. Laura B. Then we sat back and enjoyed a slide show set to music. The show depicts this year’s first 100 days in pictures, allowing us to reflect on and celebrate the hard work by our Staff and Students.

Throughout the day today, our students engaged in various activities related to 100 – from cup stacking to making wacky paper glasses, working with stackable lego pieces and more! As part of the celebration, many on our staff dressed as 100-year-old women. It’s always a joyous affair with lots of laughs, and today was no exception! Please enjoy some images from our 100th Day shared below!

This week also featured a snow day, a delayed opening and in between,Valentine’s Day! Looking forward to some quieter weather for the next few days!

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